Yorkshire day tripper part 2: Ice cream (icy-d-creamo as Grandad used to say)

In my youth, come half term holidays, rain or shine, and we were there at Brymor ice cream parlour; 9:45am and waiting with trepidation for the doors to open at 10:00am for an unusual breakfast of the frozen variety.

Dairy ice cream sign

You don’t have to eat it for breakfast (Brymor is open all day…) but back in the day in my household you did not refuse food and were told to “shurrup and gerrit etten.” (Look out for more Yorkshire lingo in future posts – I have some crackers.)

Dairy ice cream poster

An artist’s impression

The Moore family founded Brymor in 1984 as a clever way to use up excess milk when milk quotas were introduced in the UK. (A milk quota is the maximum quantity of milk that a farmer may sell in a year free of a levy; they were introduced in the ’80s as a means of controlling rising milk production.)

Located at High Jervaulx Farm, near Masham in North Yorkshire, Brymor is one of Britain’s few genuine on-farm manufactures where milk produced only on the farm is used in the production of the ice cream.

Brymor flavours

Any good at making decisions? (These all look well and good, but….fruit loaf?!)

This year, in my October “half term holiday,” after my pork pie success story, I stopped off at Brymor…

With 30 different flavours on the menu, including classics such as mint choc chip and rum ‘n’ raison, they also serve more unusual flavours such as pineapple, tiramisu, raspberry cheesecake, nutty toffee, and fudge brownie.

The favour that wins hands down for me, and always has, is praline pecan delight. Also good is Cinderella (light caramel ice cream with toffee pieces and hazelnut crunch).

Buying ice cream

Yes, my thrifty mother has her purse OPEN. I think I spy a fluffy Werther’s Original from 1984 in there…

Chocolate toff


Find out more about Brymor, how they make their ice cream and where you can buy it from by visiting their website here.

Daisy the cow

Daisy the cow: Thank you for donating your milk in aid of frozen pudding


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6 Responses to Yorkshire day tripper part 2: Ice cream (icy-d-creamo as Grandad used to say)

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  2. I’ve recently developed an after dinner ice cream addiction, only because I eat out every night at the moment and then almost always walk by an ice cream shop that serves the decadent dessert in fantastically fresh waffle cones. I’m finding it impossible to resist. What a geat selection they have at Brymo. I’d probably go w/ either Rich Dark Chocolate, Ginger or Rhubarb Crumble because they’re exotic flavors that I’ve never tried.

    • BeccaHills

      Thanks for your message EarthDrifter – you mention waffle cones… I cannot understand why anyone has one of the old school paper-thin ones when waffles cones are so much better! I don’t think I would be able to resist the after dinner ice cream either… enjoy!

  3. Mum

    PLEASE get your facts right!
    Werther’s Originals were introduced into the UK in 1986, but under a different name. The ‘Originals’ bit came in the 90s.

    Anyway, I’ve just checked, and the fluffy sweets are actually throat-sweets.


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