Welcome to Bex’s Boxty Kitchen

It was St Paddy’s Day and as the battle of the Pods continued, we were challenged with bringing something typically Irish into the office to share. I knew a few chocolate Guinness cakes were planned, so I decided to go savoury.


One fond memory I have of Dublin was an evening spent in the (very touristy, but I love it) Temple Bar area, in Gallagher’s Boxty House. And it was this night, back in 2006, that inspired me to have a go and make an Irish boxty on behalf of “Pod Margaret.”

What is a boxty?

The Gallic name for the boxty is aran bocht ti, and this translates to “poor house bread.” With cheap and readily available ingredients, an Irish boxty is classic peasant food – it is essentially a potato pancake, made with half mashed potato and half grated (raw) potato.

Traditionally, the following poem accompanied the family boxty recipe as it was passed from mother to daughter:

Boxty on the griddle,

Boxty in the pan,

If you can’t make boxty,

You’ll never get a man.

NB. I can now make a boxty. Just dropping that in, quietly.

I used this recipe to make my boxties, although I did double the quantities and substituted half a cup of milk with half a cup of sour cream. I served mine with a concoction of sliced spring onion, sour cream, cream cheese and  squeeze of lime juice.

Verdict: Cheap ingredients, easy to make (albeit rather time-consuming when trying to make a large quantity and you can only fit 3 in your pan) and people at work ate them (without me forcing them into it, I think). Next time, I am going to make one with an Irish stew filling.

Irish Boxty

My attempt at an Irish boxty

Why not…

Make an Irish boxty to use up left over mash potato?

The obligatory Guinness shot

The Guinness Storehouse 2006: An obligatory shot

Aran Islands: It's not often you get  me on a bike

Aran Islands 2007: (Almost) the last time anyone got me on a bike

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2 Responses to Welcome to Bex’s Boxty Kitchen

  1. Guess I will remain single then!
    Arianwen recently posted…Visiting Iguazu Falls at new yearMy Profile

  2. Looks tasty. The garnish gives it a nice presentation. At first I thought I’d read ‘garlic’ instead of Gallic. That gave me the idea, some garlic mixed in would almost surely add great taste and nutrients, s’pose you could get real creative with a dish like that. I’d never heard of it till now, will have to keep an eye out for it if I make it over to Ireland.
    Mike@Earthdrifter recently posted…Captured For the Camera: 20 Photos From HindustanMy Profile

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