Weekly Edinburgh Farmers’ Market at Castle Terrace

Having been a resident of Edinburgh for 7 years, I am a big big fan of the city and of its people; I remember the goosepimples I got when I crossed South Bridge on my way to University for the first time, and I discovered this week that I still get them now.

Most of my time living in Edinburgh was while I was a student, and so I lot of my culinary efforts were very limited (too cheap to consider eating out, apart from grabbing chips ‘n’ cheese at 4am on my way home from the student union).

Edinburgh Farmers' Market castle backdrop

Having left Edinburgh 4 years ago, I went back to visit some friends for the weekend, and we took a trip to the Edinburgh Farmers’ Market – a place that I only really discovered after I left University.

Produce at the market is not exactly cheap, or particularly expensive either, but what you can expect is the freshest of fresh food – I can now celebrate having an income and enjoy what it has to offer!

Castle backdrop

Queueing for coffee with a nice view

The Edinburgh Farmers’ Market is an ideal way to spend a lazy Saturday lunchtime (or morning if you can get there earlier). Grab yourself a pork sandwich or venison burger (or both – we bumped into an old university pal who had done exactly that) to eat while you wander, and take the opportunity to re-stock the fridge with goodies for the week to come.

With over 55 specialist producers currently holding stalls, you can find anything from organic sausages, black pudding, square sausage (aka lorne), patés, fish, lobster (seasonal), free-range eggs, fruit and veg to Scottish tablet, beers, breads and chocolate….

Eating pulled pork at the Edinburgh Farmers' Market

Eating hog roast rolls from Oink: freshly carved hog roast, served in a white or brown roll with a choice of sage and onion stuffing, haggis, chilli relish and apple sauce, topped with crispy crackling


Lois shows us the wheat-free (and glamorous) way to eat a hog roast

When and where is it?

Located at Castle Terrace, with the unbeatable backdrop of Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh Farmers’ Market takes place from 9am until 2pm every Saturday, with additional slow food cooking demonstrations on the first Saturday of every month.
For more information on the market and it’s stall holders, in addition to some recipes you can try out using your purchases, go to www.edinburghfarmersmarket.co.uk
Edinburgh Farmers' Market

Three hungry people

piano accordion

Piano accordion entertainment while you shop; I am LOVING the keyboard skirt…


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4 Responses to Weekly Edinburgh Farmers’ Market at Castle Terrace

  1. Lois

    Really recommend a trip to the market – fantastic, tasty local produce

    • BeccaHills

      Thanks Loie, I agree. I think if I lived in Edinburgh now I would be there every weekend! Lovely to see you last week xx

  2. Is the market on when the Festival is playing in August? Also I absolutely adore the little puppet!

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