Spicy black bean quesadilla, inspired by Brixton

Motivated not by a trip to Mexico (although I have been) but by night out in London, I decided to make spicy black bean quesadillas!

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Keralan village cuisine: You can find it here!

Cocum: A restaurant in Hampton Court that replicates the cuisine from Keralan village homes and small restaurants. Branches also found in Cambridge, Raynes Park and Sutton.

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End with a zing: Mango and lime ice cream

I’ll let you into a secret… ice cream can be one of the easiest things to make in the kitchen and is one of the biggest crowd pleasers. Oh, and you certainly don’t need an ice cream maker.

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Snack time: Choripán the Argentinian way (loosely)

I am going to Argentina next month so I thought I would get myself in the mood and make some Argentinian street food – choripán.


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Never eat supermarket hummus again…

I ate my bodyweight in hummus when I was in Israel. Never a fan of bought hummus here in the UK (it ain’t the same thing), I make my own – it is easy and takes just 15 minutes.

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Crap on the beach in Thailand

I know that most of us will think of pad thai or tom yum when we think of a tasty Thai snack, but look what we found on a menu on the tiny island of Koh Chang…

Koh chang

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The Yorkshire pud: A clever Northern cost-saving exercise

Egg and flour and milk taste good

When made into a Yorkshire pud

…And then eaten as a kind of reverse amuse bouche apparently! (You will see what I mean by “reverse” if you keep reading).

Yorkshire pud

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Jerusalem: A falafel a day…

…keeps the hepatologist away. Well, not exactly. Read on.

Saint Marks

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Souk up the mystical atmosphere in the Jemaa el Fna, Marrakech

Follow the hypnotic sounds to the main square and market place of Marrakech – be entertained and eat well in amongst the hustle and bustle.


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Yorkshire day tripper part 1: Pork pie

Okay, so Melton Mowbray is probably considered by most to be the pork pie capital of Britain, but Yorkshire is also a great place to find a premium pie.

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