Hallowe’en at the eccentric Fanny’s Farm Shop

That time of year again, and I am casting my mind back to 2012… I went to quirky Fanny’s Farm Shop in Surrey for my Hallowe’en supplies; nice for a browse and a cup of tea, I recommend you pop in if you’re passing.


I am going to let the photos do the talking.

To find…

Fanny’s Farm Shop, Markedge Lane, Mertham, Surrey, RH1 3AW.

Tel: 01737 554444

Shop for cake, buy veg

Famous for marmalade


Fanny of Facebook

Weather station

The Weather Can Be Pants

Wine reveals


Hand in the piano

Eat here and get gas

Runner beans

Chaff cutter




Wheel barrow

Dizzy blonde parking


The Blue Barrows Display Team

The Story of the Oaties

Fannys by Candlelight

Fanny's poem

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