Crap on the beach in Thailand

I know that most of us will think of pad thai or tom yum when we think of a tasty Thai snack, but look what we found on a menu on the tiny island of Koh Chang…

Koh chang

Stirred fried crap

Whilst it looks exactly as you would expect stir fried crap with curry powder to look (although, having said that, I don’t think mine had such a solid consistency at any point on that trip, although maybe it would have if placed in a blazing hot wok and… woah, too far…), we can only hope that it means crab.

Either way, at least you have the option to wash it all down with a glass of intoxicant. Happy days.

Intoxicants beer

(NB. Not that is really matters to the story, but this is Koh Chang near the Burmese border and not to be confused with the much larger Koh Chang near to the Cambodian border. It is possibly one of the quietest [ie non-touristy] places I have ever been, and highly recommend it even though it is a bugger to get to.)

Koh Chang

View from the beach in Koh Chang. Not a crap in sight (is this non-joke worn out yet?!)


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4 Responses to Crap on the beach in Thailand

  1. Lianos


    Good post, smiles all round :D

    • BeccaHills

      Thanks Lianos. I was with Ari in Thailand and it did cause lots of giggles. Definitely should have actually tried it out though!

  2. paulo

    This reminds me of being handed an English language menu at a Greek restaurant in Germany, where the most expensive dish on the menu was the worryingly titled ‘Virus Meat Species’. It was a ‘mixed grill’ and when i ordered it, i informed them that they had spelled ‘various’ incorrectly. Even though it was an obvious yet humorous error, I erred on the side of caution and requested it Well Done … y’know, just in case!

    Nice blog, by the way.

  3. BeccaHills

    Hi Paulo,

    That’s a very funny story – not sure that I would have been so brave to have ordered it and, yes, I think you did right request it well done!

    Thanks so much for your interest in my site and for the nice tale :-)


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