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Cóctel cerveza Mexicana: La michelada

The michelada is summer 2013 obsession of mine. Why have a beer when you can transform it into a spicy, refreshing, healthy (yeah right) michelada at the shake of a tabasco bottle.


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Time on your hands? Make a rendang

Making rendang is not difficult, but it takes precisely 60 times as long to cook it as it does to eat it (yes, I timed and calculated that). Not the best cooking–eating time ratio. I overcame hunger by popping out for battered sausage and chips (bad planning)… and the rendang made for a lovely Monday packed lunch instead.

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Home-made alfajor-inspired ice cream

Three weeks in Argentina whetted my appetite for alfajores. 6 months later, I decided to throw lots of ingredients into a bowl in the hope that they resembled ice cream made in the style of an alfajor – and I think it kinda worked.


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Sri Lankan dhal with coconut sambol

As one of my favourite countries in the world, it’s about time I wrote something about Sri Lanka. I spent 3 months there is 2007 – my Mum, concerned that I wouldn’t be eating properly, sent me off with 100 vitamin tablets, and I came back having gained half a stone.


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Lamb tagine with mint and pomegranate

Carrying a large terracotta tagine on an aeroplane in hand luggage is no mean feat. Especially when accompanied by a medium-sized decorative tagine, an array of mini tagines (notice a theme here), a ceramic drum/tamtam, a huge serving bowl and six pudding bowls…

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Shakshouka shakshouka-ya-ya

I think we have already established I love Israeli food, and not just because of Yotam Ottolenghi. Shakshouka was my first meal after touching down in Tel Aviv, and it remained my favourite throughout my whole time in Israel.

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South American Pie: The Empanada

I am a massive fan of pastry (I am Northern, after all), so you can imagine my delight when I discovered that pies are everywhere in Argentina (and other South American countries) in the form of an empanada.

Iguazu falls

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Brrrr, London is flippin freezing; warm yourself with an Indian masala chai

Working in a North Indian restaurant in Edinburgh during my student days, I battled the infamous Scottish wind and rain to get to work, to be welcomed with a cup of sweet masala tea…

Masala chai

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Spicy black bean quesadilla, inspired by Brixton

Motivated not by a trip to Mexico (although I have been) but by night out in London, I decided to make spicy black bean quesadillas!

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End with a zing: Mango and lime ice cream

I’ll let you into a secret… ice cream can be one of the easiest things to make in the kitchen and is one of the biggest crowd pleasers. Oh, and you certainly don’t need an ice cream maker.

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