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The Winner Takes It All: Meatballs and Abba in Sweden’s capital

When a friend of mine won a competition to take 49 friends to Sweden on a private plane, I didn’t need to be asked twice. It was revealed that a ticket to the newly opened Abba museum was included, and I got my vocal chords and limbs ready for some serious performing.


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South Indian breakfast in Tooting

With my impending trip to India in only a few weeks, I started (did I ever stop? No) reminiscing about my last visit and all the amazing South Indian food.


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Sri Lankan dhal with coconut sambol

As one of my favourite countries in the world, it’s about time I wrote something about Sri Lanka. I spent 3 months there is 2007 – my Mum, concerned that I wouldn’t be eating properly, sent me off with 100 vitamin tablets, and I came back having gained half a stone.


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Great chaat at Chowpatty: Bhel puri

If I told you about a delicious snack that I had in Mumbai, the best description of which I could provide was “rice krispies, sweet sauce, cubes of tomato, covered in cheese,” you would start to question my ability as a food blogger (alas I am sure you do anyway, but moreso)…

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Yorkshire day tripper part 2: Ice cream (icy-d-creamo as Grandad used to say)

In my youth, come half term holidays, rain or shine, and we were there at Brymor ice cream parlour; 9:45am and waiting with trepidation for the doors to open at 10:00am for an unusual breakfast of the frozen variety.

Dairy ice cream sign

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Keralan village cuisine: You can find it here!

Cocum: A restaurant in Hampton Court that replicates the cuisine from Keralan village homes and small restaurants. Branches also found in Cambridge, Raynes Park and Sutton.

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Jerusalem: A falafel a day…

…keeps the hepatologist away. Well, not exactly. Read on.

Saint Marks

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Yorkshire day tripper part 1: Pork pie

Okay, so Melton Mowbray is probably considered by most to be the pork pie capital of Britain, but Yorkshire is also a great place to find a premium pie.

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